Special Lamborghini painting

Lamborghini Aventador Jota painting

Imperiale car body shop has totally assembled and painted the Aventador Jota car.

The Aventador J originates from the Lamborghini top list series. Thanks to an accurate aesthetic project, the car features not only aerodynamic lines but a unique fusion of inside and outside.

In fact, the windscreen is replaced by small aerodynamic deflectors forcing both driver and passenger to wear helmets and appropriate equipment to fully enjoy its engineering potential.

The load-bearing structure and the monocoque are borrowed from the Aventador series as well as the rollerbars behind the seats; the sill upholstery and part of the dashboard are made with cutting-edge materials, interwoven carbon fibres that are then impregnated with special resin, thus obtaining a stable and soft textile structure that perfectly matches any silhouette. Photograph


Lamborghini Veneno paintingVerniciature Speciali Lamborghini - Autocarrozzeria Imperiale -Veneno

Imperial car body shop has totally assembled and painted the Veneno car, the latest Lamborghini series. The car was made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini company created by Ferruccio Lamborghini.

This car series originates from the Lamborghini Aventador series, sharing similar chassis and mechanical parts.

Verniciature Speciali - Autocarrozzeria imperiale -PIirelli

Four Coupé limited edition cars and nine Roadster limited edition cars were built to be sold.

The Coupé series is expected to be priced £3,000,000 excluding taxes and the Roadster series is expected to be priced £ 3,500,000 , excluding taxes.

Each of them come in different colours.

Coupé cars have been painted to celebrate the Italian flag: green, white and red and the fourth grey limited edition , which is hosted at the Lamborghini Museum, was used as a sample to develop the definitive model.

The Lamborghini Veneno series, despite its many extreme technical and design solutions borrowed from the car racing competition world is fully equipped for the public highway.

Asterion Lamborghini painting

Verniciature Speciali Lamborghini - Autocarrozzeria Imperiale -Asterion

We have cooperated to create the Asterion glittery Blue Elektra code, as well as the new design lines reflecting the car technological components.

Designed by the Lamborghini Centro Stile, the Asterion ‘s DNA is undoubtedly Lamborghini, but it is clearly different from all the brand ‘s current lines of super sports cars included in the range of the company from Sant’Agata near Bologna, in Italy.

The Asterion car emphasizes curves and sensuality as well as smooth transitions from panel to panel to reduce sharp edges.

Sesto Elemento Lamborghini painting

Verniciature Speciali Lamborghini - Autocarrozzeria Imperiale -Sesto Elemento

The Sesto Elemento painting is one of the special Lamborghini painting.

In 2010 we cooperated to design, paint and assemble a two-seater concept car unveiled at the Paris Motor Show.

The car takes its name from the position number of carbon, the sixth element mainly used for its fabrication. The Sesto Elemento Lamborghini series was painted by using a special combination of transparent matt and red Xiralic powder to obtain a matt, deep and glossy colour.

Lamborghini Huracan State Police Car

Verniciatura Huracan - Autocarrozzeria Imperiale - Polizia

The Sesto Elemento painting is part of the special Lamborghini series painting.

We have cooperated in the realization of this project by painting the car for transporting organs: the Huracan Police Car. The car is equipped with a sealed refrigeration compartment, first-aid kit and defibrillator.

The previous Gallardo cars were donated to “the House of the Bull” in the past.

From 2004 to 2008 the cars were driven for over 140,000 km, from 2009 to 2014 for over 110,000 Km.