Huracan Painting

Made in Italy in detail: the Lamborghini Huracan painting

Imperiale car body shop deals with the Huracan painting with bright and matt colour codes , both for the Coupé and Spider series. The Huracan painting ensures the highest standards of quality imposed by “the house of the bull” and it is in line with the productive processes required to ensure high quality, flexibility and a fast as well as productive lead time.

Verniciatura Huracan - Autocarrozzeria Imperiale - Made In Italy

Lamborghini Painting respects the environment

Where is a Lamborghini car actually painted?

A plant (4000 square meters) which was set up and then officially opened in 2015 deals with the painting process.

The centre has been specifically designed to allow the whole process of the Huracan painting from the initial preparation phase to the delivery of the finished painted product.

The painting plant was designed envisaging the working processes in order to ensure a linear and sequential process of each working phase.

Three painting tunnel cabins are available and can be usefully employed to optimize the phases of the productive flow.

Besides traditional colours such as matt codes or particular colours required by the most demanding customers, the Huracan painting is realized with customized colours which may include logos or special patterns.

The Huracan matt codes

Matt codes have been created thanks to the cooperation between Imperiale car body shop, Lamborghini and PPG refinish to obtain a specific process. The new transparent gloss D8113, which perfectly suits Super Cars finishes, has been recently put on the market.

The new technology has been designed by three car factories to combine a sporty look or to highlight model lines.

Car factories using matt finishing to paint particular body shop components are steadily increasing. Lamborghini was the forerunner of this fashion. In 2006 it unveiled a black Gallardo featuring matt black components of the car body.


At the Detroit Car Show in 2008 the experts certainly did not miss the unveiling of a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Murcielago Lamborghini car painted in a matt blue that was created exclusively for the event.

The matt dark grey code of the 20 Reventon Coupé and of the 15 Reventon Spider cars coming in matt light grey are to be mentioned.

Local companies have worked in close partnership and contributed to the creation of plants in the total respect for the environment and specifically they have built the best energy saving class buildings to minimize heat loss and have installed photovoltaic panels on the roofs to avoid using carbon fuels.

Furthermore, the centre was built in compliance with the anti-seismic regulations following the events of May 2012.