Imperiale car body shop specializes in Lamborghini painting. It has been cooperating with Lamborghini cars SPA to work out components for over 40 years. It used to cooperate with the Countach and Diablo and later for the Murcielago car body painting and finally for the Gallardo special and matt paint codes.

Verniciatura Lamborghini - Autocarrozzeria Imperiale - Forno

We have been dealing with Lamborghini painting for the Aventador series and the special and matt colours of the Huracan series for four years.

Body painting process LamborghiniVerniciatura Lamborghini - Autocarrozzeria Imperiale - Controllo

On a regular basis we collect the Aventador car body series and their components (bonnets-doors etc) which immediately enter the working process consisting of:

  • first check (fault deletion and primer application)
  •  second check ( primer sanding and complete masking)
  • complete car and components painting coming in genuine colours
  • complete masking of the painted parts and application of matt black and underseal (thanks to a special lift inside the car painting oven the car is raised)
  • ZP5 check (carried out by certified auditors who follow the Audi standards in the light tunnels)

The final step is when the car and all its components are mounted on an appropriate undercarriage designed for the car transportation to the parent company and facilitating assembly.