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 Imperiale Racing Team

Imperiale Racing was set up in 2001 by Ivano Pignatti, the owner of the team and Imperiale car body shop.

Ivano Pignatti has been involved in this sector as a sponsor and technical partner. He debuted with his own team after the seasons LBST 2009 and with other partners in 2010.

Imperiale Racing has been a well -experienced  professional team , actively operating on the national and international world  of motor sport since 2011.

The experience and the involvement of the staff have allowed  Imperiale Racing  to achieve important successes and to face all contests with the right amount of  enthusiasm and determination.

Imperiale racing team

Led by a  team manager with over thirty years of experience, the Imperiale car body shop’s racing team  has been competing for several years in  the Super Trofeo Monobrand Lamborghini Championship and in the tough Gran Turismo Italian Championship with the objective of winning and being out in front.

Imperiale Racing

Thanks to our sponsors’ support and the owner Ivano  Pignatti ’s enthusiasm, we are always ready to rise to new future challenges. We want to be there, to grow and to win more and more.


Team Staff Imperiale Racing

Ivano Pignatti – Team Principal
Roberto Vaglietti – Responsabile Motorsport
Manuela Amoroso – Motorsport Backoffice
Federica Bortolotto – Motorsport Backoffice
Paolo Comi – Meccanico
Pierpaolo Lettieri – Meccanico
Fabio Sargolini – Meccanico
Mirko Spagnoli – Meccanico
Eugenio Santolini – Meccanico
Gianluca Esposito – Meccanico
Manuele Stefanoni – Servizio Pneumatici
Samuele Tondelli – Servizio Carrozzeria


Our Sponsor

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